• January 2020 Blog

    I’m so happy it’s 2020. And not just because it looks so good, the 2 2s and the 2 0s. And not because last year was difficult. In fact 2019 was one of my best years ever. I just love that it’s 2020 because it feels like we’re all turning some important page. I hope it’s not a darker chapter; as I write, our President is playing with matches in the Middle East. But I’m personally glad to welcome a new year because some things are getting settled that were not settled previously.


  • December Blog 2019

    I’m posting this December blog, late.  I wrote it about a month ago.  There are updates to the things I write about, which will appear in the January 2020 blog, which I’m about to write now.


  • November Blog 2019

    Hello, reader. Things really are falling into place, which I imagine continues to happen throughout one’s lifetime. But for me in particular, things seem to be sifting down to the essentials.


  • October Blog 2019

    It’s a big month, people. In this month I turned 60 years of age.

    I never cared about getting older. Never cared up till now. I was always relieved, frankly, to turn to another decade.


  • September 2019 Blog

    IT IS SEPTEMBER. And this is my September blog. This picture of me was taken today, September 12, 2019, in Chicago. My dear friend Annie took it as we ate lunch at Restoration Hardware. (Yes, there is a restaurant inside the store here — I was skeptical but it was delightful.) We were deep in conversation and suddenly Annie said, “Freeze! Right now the light is amazing on you.” Being an actress, of course I did as I was told. Now, I wish we had one of us together. Or I had one of just her. But it was not to be, at least for today. Just me. And you get it.


  • August 2019 Blog

    I’m back to my monthly blog. What’s up, buttercup?

    Feeling pretty good, people. I’m still settling into our house in Los Angeles. August and September are the worst two months to be here; it’s painfully hot and the mosquitos are driving me batty. But even still, I’m giddy to be in L.A., and bugs and smog and heat cannot destroy my love. I’m rediscovering the city. It’s a complete and utter joy.