I’ll be filming my comedy special: “Julia Sweeney: Older & Wider,” in Spokane, WA on  Saturday, March 26, 2022 at “The Fox”  — officially called Martin Woldson Theater at The Fox.  There will be two shows, one at 4 p.m. and one at 8 p.m.

I’ll also be doing a single show in Seattle at The Tractor Tavern, on Sunday, March 20, at 6 p.m.

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Older & Wider

I developed a show called “Julia Sweeney: Older & Wider” in Chicago at Second City in 2018.  I’m re-jiggering it a bit and cutting it in length to 60 minutes.

Here are some of the reviews I got when I did the show in 2018 and 2019:

“Julia Sweeney is Older & Wider and really, really (really) funny. She remains a full-throttled charmer with the observational skills of Proust.” — Los Angeles Times, reviewed by F. Kathleen Foley

“In Julia Sweeney’s ‘Older & Wider’ the SNL Alum bares her comedy chops and shows they are as sharp as ever.  In the parlance of ‘the Biz’ She Slew, She Killed, She Put It Over.” — Broadway World, reviewed by Bobby Patrick

“Julia Sweeney is ‘Older & Wider’ maybe, but funnier and wiser for sure.  She puts you in mind of monologists like Spaulding Grey, minus the ego.” — The Chicago Tribune, reviewed by Chris Jones

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If It’s Not One Thing, It’s Your Mother

I wrote this book a several years ago. Mostly, it’s about my life as a mother.  It got a lot of nice reviews.  Maybe you’ll like it too.

I think the audio version is the best way to experience this piece.

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Letting Go Of God

To be honest, I think this is my favorite show. It was the hardest one to get right, and it’s a difficult topic.

“Letting Go of God” is about how I let go of god. I was raised Catholic and for the most part, I was a happy believer and felt great affinity and allegiance to my Catholic culture. But then I looked into it, and after much agonizing reflection, I was born again. My eyes were opened, and I saw the world in a scientific, natural way. It was painful and enlightening and had profound effects on how I thought about the world.

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God Said Ha!

This is my first one-person show. It’s about my brother’s cancer, and my own cancer, and our parents driving us nuts.

I performed this show on Broadway at the Lyceum Theater, and there’s a film.  And there’s the audio, too, which was nominated for a Grammy.

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It’s Pat

Pat was my most famous character on Saturday Night Live. We made a movie based on the character called “It’s Pat!”  It got dismal reviews and everyone seemed to hate it. However, I still run into people who love that film. So, go figure.  I know this, it was a thrill to make this film.  I had a great cast and we laughed a lot.

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Saturday Night Live

I was on Saturday Night Live for four and a half years – 1990 to 1994. It was, all-in-all, a great experience. I was so lucky to get cast on that show, it changed my entire life.

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The Groundlings

When I began taking classes at The Groundlings, in 1984, I was an accountant at Columbia Pictures with no clear intention of being an actress. But I quickly discovered that I had found The Groundlings, my Hollywood home.  I co-wrote a play called “Mea’s Big Apology” which I starred in, and which got some amazing reviews.  I have great memories of that time.

I feel a deep connection to The Groundlings and am so thankful they’re still going strong.

The Groundlings