All future shows, including the filming of my comedy special in Spokane, have been postponed indefinitely due to the pandemic.  Take care and stay safe.

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Older & Wider

This is my latest completed show.  I plan to film this show at the Martin Woldson Theater at The Fox in Spokane, WA when the pandemic has been contained and it’s safe to congregate.  Stay tuned!

“Julia Sweeney is Older & Wider and really, really (really) funny. She remains a full-throttled charmer with the observational skills of Proust.” — Los Angeles Times, reviewed by F. Kathleen Foley

“In Julia Sweeney’s ‘Older & Wider’ the SNL Alum bares her comedy chops and shows they are as sharp as ever.  In the parlance of ‘the Biz’ She Slew, She Killed, She Put It Over.” — Broadway World, reviewed by Bobby Patrick

“Julia Sweeney is ‘Older & Wider’ maybe, but funnier and wiser for sure.  She puts you in mind of monologists like Spaulding Grey, minus the ego.” — The Chicago Tribune, reviewed by Chris Jones

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If It’s Not One Thing, It’s Your Mother

I wrote this book a few years ago. It’s about my life as a mom. It got a lot of nice reviews. Maybe you will like it too.

I think the audio version is the best way to experience this piece.

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Letting Go Of God

I think this is my favorite show. It was the hardest one to get right, and it’s a difficult topic.

Letting Go of God is about how I let go of god. I was raised Catholic and for the most part, I was a happy believer and felt great affinity and allegiance to my Catholic culture. But then I looked into it, and after much agonizing reflection, I was born again. My eyes were opened, and I saw the world in a scientific, natural way. It was painful and enlightening and had profound effects on how I thought about the world.

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God Said Ha!

This is my first show. It’s about my brother’s cancer, and my own cancer, and my parents driving us nuts and death and life and all that.

I performed this show on Broadway at the Lyceum Theater, and there’s a film. And there’s the audio. The audio was nominated for a Grammy. (Yes, I’m bragging.)

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It’s Pat

Pat was my most famous character on Saturday Night Live. We made a movie based on the character called It’s Pat! It got dismal reviews and everyone seemed to hate it. However, I still run into people who love that film. I certainly had a great time making it.

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Saturday Night Live

I was on Saturday Night Live for four and a half years – 1990 to 1994. It was, all-in-all, a great experience. I was so lucky to get cast on that show, it changed my entire life.

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The Groundlings

When I began taking classes at The Groundlings, in 1984, I was an accountant at Columbia Pictures with no clear intention of being an actress. But I quickly discovered that I had found my Hollywood home.

I still perform improv shows at The Groundlings. I still workshop comedic monologues in the small theater. I sometimes do finished shows there.

I feel a deep connection to The Groundlings and am so thankful they’re still going strong.

The Groundlings